Regularity rallies are one of the great italian racing traditions which deserve to be  taken back into play.   Autogiro d’Italia is to be considered from 2019 a fixed date in the Historical Challenges calendar.
A time – speed – distance race where participants need to comply with a schedule and a road map or maybe just a tourist raid,  these are both the spirit and the attitude with which drivers and teams shall be asked to face a series of stages over a six days event which will take contendants accross cities of art and culture with a true  italian atmosphere.

From 2020 it will also be possible to register to Autogiro Short Ride.  Three days to get a glimpse of the great emotion that the event may bring along.

Autogiro d’Italia 2022

Italy as you have never seen it

A historic race and an epic itinerary to discover.  From Giovanni Agnelli, Emanuele Bricherasio, Vincenzo Lancia and many other names of great importance  as Mario Umberto Borzacchini, Tazio Nuvolari, Campari, Varzi, Taruffi and Fangio to nowadays Markku Allen or Riccardo Patrese.     Many drivers have accepted the challenge and enjoyed the blending of emotions that Autogiro offers.

Travel to the South of Italy from the 22 until the 28 of May

Ostia- Aterni, Pescaria and nowadays Pescara, the city of Gabriele Mathonè and Gabriele D’Annunzio, the Neolithic city which boasts stories and remains dating from more than 6000 years ago. Vieste and the Gargano with a splendid coast full of beaches and marvellous sea caves. Pizzomunno, the Svevo Castel, the trabucchi and the coastal towers, Polignano a Mare whit its medieval suburb perched on the high and dipped cliffs that sees houses and lodges overhanging on the sea, and where the elegant promenade hosts the statue of Mister Volare, and again Marina di Ugento and the exquisite Mar Ionio whit its crystalline waters among the most beautiful of the Salento.

Autogiro d'Italia 2022

Crew number 208 Zappelli – Scandurra driving a 1995 Ferrari 355 GTS win the fourth edition of the Autogiro d’Italia.
Reggianini – Scano on a 1966 Ferrari GT 330 2 +2 awarded with the 2022 Concours d’Elegance.


Beautiful Piazza della Rinascita, also known as Piazza Salotto, heart of the city life of Pescara, the Abruzzo county seat, which framed the start of the 2022 edition of Autogiro d’Italia a week ago,  has again welcomed all participants return to base after six legs and  1610 kilometres.  The 2022 edition of Autogiro d’Italia has brought all crews to sweep along the beautiful roads of southern Italy.

Mercedes-Benz, a fully electric net zero emissions car, places second in the final standing of the super car class of the Autogiro d’ Italia.

On the one hand Autogiro d’ Italia represents the tradition of sports and the motorsport legacy, on the other hand we have the eco-friendly mobility with net zero emissions, clean and sustainable, that no doubt represents the future.

Mercedes Benz has certainly written sport cars history, but is also the one that can narrate a way of traveling which provides the best expression of technology applied to the automotive industry.

MB’ EQC a fully electric net zero emissions car, which allows more than 400 kilometres of battery life its already available,  but the real news is that the EQC was registered in the super car class of the 2021 Autogiro d’Italia.

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