Autogiro d'Italia

Autogiro d'Italia is inspired by the great tradition of long-distance road racing which were organized in Italy in the early nineties


Our history

Regularity rallies are one of the great Italian racing traditions which deserve to be  taken back into play.   From 2019 Autogiro d’Italia is to be considered  a fixed date in the Historical Challenges calendar.

A time – speed – distance race where participants need to comply with a schedule and a road map or maybe just a tourist raid, these are both the spirit and the attitude with which drivers and crews shall be asked to face a series of stages over a six days event which will take contendants across cities of art and culture with a true  italian atmosphere.


A long standing tradition

Epic races where key players were men and automobiles able to write the history of a unique sport which saw them race on public open roads.



We find our inspiration in the great Italian tradition of time-distance-speed races that have been held in Italy since the early nineties.

These epic races featured men and automobiles as key players, capable of writing the history of a uniquesport that saw them race on public open roads.



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