Itinerary 2020

Autogiro D’Italia 2020 Itinerary

Autogiro 2020 will take the start from Verona on the 17th May, and will return to the same point on the 23rd of May after having traversed 1.678 Km of outstanding though demanding roads.

Our 2020 itinerary will take you through a comprehensive outline of what to see in the Veneto area in six days by avoiding big cities. You wont see all of the area but you will see some of the its best hits and landscapes. Along the way, the journey takes you accross almost four regions. We will start in Verona, Veneto region and travel to Treviso. We shall then move through the prosecco hills up to the Alps, down to the Lake of Garda and then into the beautiful Emilia and Tuscany, before returning to the starting point in Verona.

Autogiro D’Italia 2020 Stages

(This route is being approved)

1st Stage 230 km – Verona/Treviso25%
2nd Stage 264 km – Treviso/Cortina d’Ampezzo40%
3th Stage 284 km – Cortina d’Ampezzo/Trento55%
4th Stage 295 km – Trento/Salsomaggiore Terme70%
5th Stage 310 km – Salsomaggiore Terme/Montecatini Terme85%
6th Stage 317 km – Montecatini Terme/Verona100%

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