Regularity rallies are one of the great italian racing traditions which deserve to be taken back into play. Autogiro d’Italia is to be considered from 2019 a fixed date in the Historical Challenges calendar.

A time – speed – distance race where participants need to comply with a schedule and a road map or just a tourist raid, these are both the spirit and the attitude with which drivers and teams shall be asked to face a series of stages over a five days event which will take contendants accross cities of art and culture with a true italian atmosphere.

Autogiro d’Italia and its sister event Motogiro d’Italia, which has been organized by Moto Club Libero Liberati – P. Pileri for thirty years in a row now and which is a benchmark for classic bikes enthusiastics, will share the same programme . Both will take the start from and return to Rome.

After the first stage which will drive participants from Rome to Roccaraso, drivers will face a challenging leg departing from and returning to Roccaraso. Third and fourth phases will take the competition to the coast at Montesilvano Marina, while a second to last stage will move on to Terni. Last stage will head drivers to Rome through the Flaminia way, one of Italy’s most well known consolar roads.

Autogiro d’Italia brings back the great Italian tradition of regularity rallies which were held in our country since the very beginning of the XXth century. Legendary races where men and cars were the main characters of motor racing sports history which saw them speeding down between the crowd on roads which were usually open to general automobile traffic. True races where drivers were seen as heroes who faced danger as part of their lives in their hunt for glory. Thousands of miles to travel tireslessly in the light of day or in the dark, to be run at top speed.

This is the blending of emotions that Autogiro d’Italia – Historic Challenge is willing to transmit to all those drivers who will take part to this first edition.

Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, BMW, Citroen, Cisitalia, FIAT, Ferrari, Ford, Gordini, Giannini, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes, MG, NSU, Porsche, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Triunph, Volvo e Wolkwagen, these are the names of the manufacturers to which the hundred cars taking part to Autogiro d’Italia shall belong in order to be eligible to take the start.

In fact, enrollments arriving within the 31° of January together with first registration date of vehicle will set the priority to participate to Autogiro d’Italia.

First registration date of vehicle should be thirty years or more for all vehicles unless they are considered of Special Interest. In such a case, twenty years of age vehicles will be accepted. All vehicles which registered at ASI (Auto e moto Club Storico Italiano) or equivalent are accepted while Supercars class vehicles registration is subjected to organization’s criteria.

Autogiro d’Italia final regulations are being finalized and shall be online from the 30 th of October next.

Autogiro d’Italia will count on an itinerant Paddock and Exhibition Area which will travel together with the event.

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